Prepare for Lunch!

Cafeteria Keypad Simulator App for Students

Practice Entering Your Lunch Code!

A simple & fun app designed by a parent and former teacher to help your student memorize their lunch code.

Keypad Simulator

Designed with the same layout as most cafeteria keypads so your student gains familiarity and confidence.

No Ads

No annoying ads to distract you or your student, keeping them focused and on task.

Lunch Code App for iOS and Android
Memorization made fun

Students earn "rocket fuel" with each successful entry, and a rocket blasts off when the fuel tank reaches 100%.

Kid Friendly

Developed by a parent and former teacher; peace of mind that your student's success and safety are our #1 priority.

Bear Branch Elementary Parents

Does your student attend Bear Branch Elementary Kingwood Texas? Contact us to get the app for free!